The Dutch Landrace Goat


Painting Nº.1, behold the Dutch Landrace goat! This is one of my favorite paintings because it was my first time painting a goat with this type of heavy coat texture. I was feeling adventurous after browsing through several “art inspo” video clips on Instagram. Plus, I had just recently received some pretty awesome Ohuhu water coloring brushes as a gift from my in-laws, so I was excited to try them out.

The inspiration for painting this Dutch Landrace goat was all due to creating something special for my father in-law for his birthday. He was dubbed the “old goat” from his loving wife and sons, which I thought was because he always had a goatee. But apparently it’s a mystery as to why this name was chosen, none-the-less it is quite funny calling him by this nickname whenever he forgets to do something.


In the end I am quite pleased with how the face turned out, it’s very docile looking and you can even detect a hint of a smirk. I had a lot of fun creating the thick texture on the coat, as it took a lot of patience and layering to achieve the desired texture.

Original prints are available through my store , to purchase this print you can click here.



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