Painting Nº.5: The Timid Pup


I have a black #cheeweenie and he’s just always full of energy, and just seems to be a happy doggy in general. However, since he’s a rescue doggy, I notice that he is very timid and nervous around people as well as other dogs. Who knows what he had to endure the years before my husband and I adopted him. All in due time he will get better, the key is to have patience with rescue doggies. If you have a rescue, go on and share your experience below!

With this portrait, the brush stoke technique that I used brings out the nervous character within the dog. To see the tools that used in creating Timid Pup, refer to the links below.

Framed 8″x8″ Signed Print

Painting Nº.5: The Timid Pup The black plastic frame size is 8″x8″ with a white top mat over a 4″x4″ original signed print.


Medium: Acrylic

Painting Nº.5: Timid Pup

Original Print 5″x7″ Print will be signed by artist and will show print number on the back. *Print will not contain watermark.


Ever since I was little I loved to paint and draw, of course through practice I started getting better and testing out different techniques. A lot of the times however, the tools I use make a huge difference in the quality of the artwork. Here are some supplies to check out to get you started on your journey in creating your own watercolor and acrylic paintings. These tools are what I use on the regular for creating paintings like Timid Pup. Enjoy!

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