Painting Nº.3: Scruffy Owl


Medium: Acrylic Painting

Painting Nº.3 – The Scruffy Owl. This painting will make you want to say “hooo hooo”. This little guy took roughly three hours to paint, I was trying out a new technique that would help me achieve the cute little scruffy / feathery texture.

I have the tendency to be a night owl, therefore for those that know me, whenever they see this painting they automatically think it was a self portrait. I’ve always had difficulties in painting and drawing birds, but I surprised myself this time because I literally just started randomly stroking the paper with short brush strokes. Loe and behold, these random brush strokes where starting to take form into an owl.

It’s not the most amazing story on how this painting came to be, however I do appreciate looking back at the process. This was at a time where I was struggling to get back into painting, and it would take a lot out of me when my paintings didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. So naturally when I saw that this painting came out better than what I was ever expecting, it was definitely a major contributor in getting me back on track in terms of my desire to paint.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been stuck in an artist rut, and how you managed to get yourself out of the rut. For me, it was literally a quiver in me that felt like built-up energy that wanted to be released but only through painting. I had to stop whatever I was doing, I grabbed my paint brushes, my paint, and some paper…and the rest is history. It’s just interesting how creativity just needs to find it’s way out.

If you want to check out the tools that I used to create this little owl, refer to the links below.

Framed 8″x8″ Original Signed Print

Painting Nº.3 – The Scruffy Owl Black 8″x8″ plastic frame, with white top mat, and signed original 4″x4″ print.


Original Signed Print: 4″x4″

Painting Nº.3 - The Scruffy Owl Original print arrives signed by the artist, along with the print number, and print title. *Print does not contain watermark.*


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